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Using the correct wood for your Wood Burner !

Using the correct wood for your Wood Burner !

A wood burning stove in your home means you no longer become dependant on energy utilities. However, there are many different types of wood that are available to choose from. The difference between hardwood and softwood varies.

Hardwoods are any broad-leafed, deciduous trees, such as Beech and Elm. While softwoods are conifers including Cedar and Fir.  When choosing your wood for your burner, hardwood is better than soft, as it burns slower. The density of softwood is also around half that of hardwood, which results in it burning twice as fast.

Dry wood is always the Best Wood.  It is very important the wood is dried before you burn. Wood that hasnt been dried is a waste of energy,  as it is used to remove water from the log, producing steam. Fresh wood contains a high amount of water between 65-90%. In this instance it is recommended the wood is seasoned for at least a year but, preferably two years. 

The best Kiln dried wood has a moisture content of less than 20%.