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Clearview Pioneer Multi Fuel Oven Stove


Clearview Pioneer Multi Fuel Oven Stove

The Pioneer Oven is a highly efficient super clean burning stove specially designed for freestanding situations. The warming oven will cook casseroles and bake potatoes, whilst the larger hotplate is ideal for boiling a kettle or keeping your coffee warm. The convection casing reduces rear and side surface temperatures allowing the stove to be positioned closer to wood and glass.

Features of Clearview Pioneer Multi Fuel Oven Stove

One double-glazed door that gives an uninterrupted view of the flames.
Clearview hot air-was system for really clean burning without system for maximum response and control.
Independent up draft and down draft air distribution system for maximum response and control.
Refactory lining, promoting super clean combustion.
Multi-fuel grate, for easy lighting and rapid response.
Warming oven for cooking casseroles, baked potatoes etc.
Hotplate surface for coffee pot or kettle.
Rotary grate for easy riddling.
Convection casting for a lower surface temperature, allowing closer installation to vulnerable surfaces.
Heavy steel construction – welded inside and out for durability and long life.
Solid brass knobs and door handles.
All ‘wear and tear’ stove parts are easily replaceable making maintenance comparatively effortless.
Stainless steel ash pan for long life and easy removal.
Adjustable hinges and door catch to maintain air tightness throughout the life of the door seals.