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Ecofire briquettes 10kg Box


Ecofire mechanically pressed briquettes are very dense and highly calorific, every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned! They are made almost exclusively from oak with a little larch mixed in to help with the natural binding process - no chemicals or other additives are used in this process, these briquettes really are the most ecologically sound means of heating your home and are completely carbon neutral.

When burning our briquettes please remember that in order to achieve maximum burn time and effective heat output that they should be left alone once burning, do not poke the fire or burn time will reduce. The briquettes will expand naturally once alight (exposing each piston stroke from the mechanical production process) so it is best to start the fire with a moderate amount of briquettes to allow for expansion then marvel at how such a small amount of this superb briquette can produce so much heat.

.Easy to stack and store in a dry watertight place such as a garage or outbuilding, the angular box requires far less space than if loose stacked. Ecofire mechanically pressed briquettes are the answer to your carbon neutral heating conundrum in a rapidly changing and ever more environmentally conscious world.