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Hi Flames R5 Eco Design Stove - £795


The R5 is the medium size Eco design Ready Stove in Hi-Flame's new family of stoves.

The Eco Design Ready Series by Hi-Flame has been designed from the ground up with a brand new firebox, air box and single point control mechanism.  The R Series Stoves have been designed to not only meet the strict 2022 Eco Design standards but to well exceed them making them a desirable home owners choice for many long years in the future.  The R Series stove are listed on the SIA Eco Design Website as Hetas verified Eco Design Ready Stoves.

Model name


Nominal heat output to room(kw)






Flue outlet


Glass size(mm)


Combustion chamber/ firebox size(mm)


Maximum log length(mm)


Maximum Fuel Load(KG)


Ecodesign Energy Efficiency Rate


Mean CO emission (vol%)


Gross weight(kg)


Net weight(kg)