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Lekto Woodfuels

Night Briquettes

Lekto Woodfuels’ Night Briquettes are designed for a long, slow burn of up to 8 hours. They are made from pure, softwood bark sourced from sustainable forests. 100% Chemical Free, they are perfect for wood burning and multifuel stoves.

Benefits of Night Briquettes:

-Long burn with regular heat output.
-Cost-effective solution for keeping fires warm overnight.
-Compact and easy to store.
-Environmentally friendly.
-Perfect complementary product for Hardwood Heat Logs
-Each minipack contains 20 night briquettes.
-Calorific Value is: 4.90kWh/kg

What Are Night Briquettes?

Night briquettes are compressed packages of natural bark designed to give you a long slow burn on your fire. They are often used to keep a fire alive overnight in a wood or log burner, saving you the hassle of having to restart it every morning, but they can be used in other appliances as well to keep them burning for longer. They are ideal companions for our hardwood heat logs or natural firewood. If you are using the briquettes for wood burners we recommend using 2-3 each time depending on the size of the stove.

Long Burning Times: These briquettes are designed to burn long and slow, for up to 8 hours, giving you cosy warmth throughout.

Natural Product: The wood for these eco briquettes is harvested from sustainable plantations and no chemical additives are used during processing.

Versatile Uses: You can use briquettes for wood burning stoves, log burners, sheltered fire pits, chiminea, etc. They are the perfect complement to hardwood heat logs and traditional firewood.

Easy to Store: Because each briquette has a consistent shape and size they are easy to stack and store away, even if you space is limited. They are also packaged in small groups so you only need to open what you are going to use.