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Parkray Aspect 7 DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Ecodesign Stove


The Parkray Aspect 7 has a Stunning landscape design that draws you in to curl in front of the widescreen viewing window to watch the dancing flames. This stove has a similar heat output as the Aspect 5 and the Aspect 6 but the Aspect 7 has a wider body that would be more confortable in larger inglenooks and fireplaces.

The Aspect 7 has a fashionably modern design with gracious finish and clean lines with an option of either a stainless steel door handle or a black door handle and will go with any style of furniture in your living room. The Parkray Aspect 7 does come with the latest Tripleburn Technology which allows for three airways to flow through the firebox for a more efficient and clean combustion.